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HERBAL MEDICINE-Malay traditional medicine

Masa buat Degree in Biomedical Science dulu, ada la 1 subjk known as Herbal Medicine. I really love this subject since it deal with natural things. jadi, untuk entri kali ni nak share sikit regarding our Malay traditional medicine, sebab negara kita memang sangat kaya dengan herba nya.

Ulam Raja (Cosmos caudatus)
For the uninitiated, leaves tastes raw and somewhat astringent
Possess ability to cleanse and improve blood circulation and strengthen bones due to its high calcium content

Dried leaves contain high amounts of potent antioxidants

0.3% of proteins, 0.4% of fats and carbohydrates,
also rich in calcium and vitamin A
each 100 grams of the fresh leaves have the same antioxidant property to the 2400 mg of ascorbic L-acid (AEAC)
more than 20 types of antioxidant substances. The main anti oxidant substances are due to the existence of proanthocyanidins that existed as dimers through hexamers, quercetin glycosides, chlorogenic, neo-chlorogenic, crypto-chlorogenic acid and (+)-catching
high mineral content and possesses high antioxidant activity - beneficial in bone disorder such as postmenopausal osteoporosis
as effective as calcium in preventing the increase in bone resorption in ovariectomized rats
[The effects of Cosmos caudatus (Ulam Raja) supplementation on bone biochemical parameters in ovariectomized rats. Mohamed N et al., Pak J Pharm Sci. 2013 Sep;26(5):1027-31]

Kacip fatimah (Labisia pumila) 
Has been used by many generations of  Malay women to induce and facilitate childbirth as well as a post-partum medicine (Burkill, 1935).
In-vitro study using human endometrial adenocarcinoma cells showed ethanolic extract of the roots of exhibited a weak but specific estrogenic effect on the cells
Recent studies (IMR) also show similarities to other estrogens such as estrone and estriol
treat dysentery, rheumatism and gonorrhoea. It is also used as an antiflatulence and anti-dysmenorrhoea, helps in cleansing and avoiding painful or difficult menstruation.
preliminary data suggest that Kacip Fatimah does not increase estrogen levels and but instead causes increase free testosterone from the ovaries as it does not work without ovaries.
The increase in free testosterone may cause increase in libido and sexuality in women.
This could be the effect that the women taking Kacip Fatimah are looking for

Study  conducted to determine the side effects of petroleum-ether extract on liver and kidney of white rats.
Noted  inflammatory lesions of the renal tubules leading to glomerulonephritis and nephrosis and lesions in the liver.
This abnormality in the liver and kidney tissue suggested the presence of toxin compound from Kacip Fatimah.
[The Side Effects Of Kacip Fatimah Extract On Liver And Kidney  Of White Rats. W. M. Effendy et al. Journal of Sustain. Sci & Mngt., 2006 Vol. 1(1): 40-46]

Cekur (Kaempferia galangal)
Chinese ginger, finger root, Lesser Galangale (English), kencur (Indonesia), pro hom (Thailand)
Used as a rub to “warm the body” during a woman’s confinement.
Also used to treat “high blood pressure, swellings, ulcers, sprains and asthma” and widely used in the Malay herbal formulas of jamu.

ok la ,utk entri kali ni, saya share 3 jenis herba ini dulu. InsyaAllah, saya akan sambung la beberapa jenis herba yang lain nanti. 


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