Saturday, 31 December 2016

Online Fitness Training (with Jordan Yeoh)

Assalamualaikum, I have sign up for online class with famous Fitness & Bodybuilding Coach Jordan Yeoh. With a massive hope to gain  an ideal body weight. InsyaAllah. Most important thing, all the tips n training given is free of charge. Throughout this session, he will touch on few aspects including

- Training
- Nutrition
- Supplementation
- Motivation

According to him, figuring these areas out are key in getting results.
Fitness is all about balance.
We can’t expect to get results by only training, without taking care of
your nutrition. Same goes the other way round. Motivation is what gets
we started. It affects our decision making. Reasons we may give
ourselves; no time, busy, etc. Motivation is what brings us to the gym
to get things done.

One big factor that makes people quit is doing things too extreme.
It’s easy to get started. Most people do this, they start out, they’re all
excited, they follow some hardcore exercise regime and diet and they
quit within a week. To achieve a good physique, it’s all about consistency.
It’s a time game. We can’t build a few pounds of muscle overnight.
We can’t get a 6 pack abs by starving your body.
As humans, we only have a certain amount of willpower. We need something
that is realistic and consistent.

- Jordan Yeoh.

 p/s: all the tips given to me, InsyaAllah, I will jot down/ publish  in my blog. Something good must be shared with others.  All of us can gain the benefits from this sharing.

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